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Posts by City of Northwest

Brunswick County Statement in Response to Environmental Working Group January 2020 Report

From Brunswick County began an extensive testing program for PFAS contaminants when academic studies revealed the presence of multiple PFAS in its drinking water, testing a suite of PFAS contaminants on a weekly basis. Brunswick County’s water samples have continuously remained below the EPA’s established health advisory levels for PFOA + PFOS and the…

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Surplus Dump Truck

The City of Northwest has declared a 1984 Dump Truck as surplus.  The City  will be accepting SEALED bids from December 3 to December 15.  SEALED bids may be placed in the payment box (on the front porch) or hand delivered at 4889 Vernon Road, Leland, NC  28451.   Bids will be opened by the City Clerk on December 16th at 9:00 a.m. …

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