Bid Request: Maintain City of Northwest Owned Roads

The City of Northwest is seeking bids for City of Northwest road maintenance until April 30, 2024 at noon. Bids will be opened on May 1 at 1:15 p.m.

To submit a bid it must be SEALED and submitted to the City Clerk or Office Assistant at the following
location:  City of Northwest City Hall, 4889 Vernon Road, Northwest NC  28451.  You may also email it to Subject line must have “Maintain City of Northwest Owned Roads”.

For additional information, please contact the City Clerk at 910-470-4488.


Roads must be slopped for water to run off to prevent ponding on roads.
Roads must be smooth once completed.
Contractor is responsible for contacting 811 when needed.
City of Northwest will provide the material to go on roads.

All roads will be worked twice a year.
Repair work will be done as needed.

Contractor must have own equipment.
Contractor must have a minimum of one million ($1,000,000.00) in liability coverage.
Contractor should list three (3) references on bid.

City of Northwest Powell Bill Road Mileage
Airstrip Road 0.36
Alpha Road 0.07
Brown’s Trail 0.24
Bryants Way 0.07
Carnel Drive 0.16
Crystal Spring Ct 0.04
Daffodil Lane 0.06
Fields Way 0.15
Grant’s Way 0.33
Harry’s Road 0.10
Harvey’s Lane 0.17
Henriettas Road 0.03
Hummingbird Lane 0.11
Hutchins Drive 0.08
Judy Lane 0.29
Knox’s Court 0.14
Medlin Road 0.22
Merks Place 0.30
Miller Bryant Lane 0.15
Mills Trail 0.07
Naomi Lane 0.09
Net’s Drive 0.12
Old Blue Banks 0.24
Old Blue Banks Ext 0.05
Otis Drive 0.60
Poor Daddys Way 0.03
Port Royal 0.10
Robinson Trail 0.22
Smith Trail 0.59
Smith-Briggs Lane 0.14
Stilly’s Avenue 0.28
Vees Road 0.48
Williams Drive 0.22