The City of Northwest maintains approximately 6.2 miles of roads within its municipal limits, funded primarily by the Powell Bill allocation. If a road is not owned and maintained by the City of Northwest, it is either a state road or a private road. There are no county roads in the State of North Carolina.

Who maintains my road?

  • To find out if your road is owned and maintained by the City of Northwest, contact City Hall.
  • To determine if a road is a State/NCDOT road, go to the NCDOT’s website. Concerns with State roads can be reported to NCDOT.
  • If the road is not a State road and is not a municipal road, or is outside municipal limits, then it is privately-owned. This could mean it is owned by a person, by several people, or by an organization like an HOA or POA. The owner or owners of privately-owned roads are responsible for their maintenance and upkeep.
  • If requested, Brunswick County Emergency Services staff will assess a privately-owned road’s condition to determine whether emergency vehicles (ambulances, fire trucks, etc.) can access properties on the road. If emergency vehicles cannot access properties along the road, Brunswick County will let these property owners know and encourage them to take the steps necessary to repair and maintain the road. To request an assessment, call 910-253-5383.